Oct 15 2017
03:57 pm

I personally am totally against TVA nuclear programs. The consequences of a screw up would be horrific and we have dramatic proof, based on our own experience, that TVA will not make any victims whole. This article is behind the KNS paywall but here are excerpts:

“TVA’s small modular reactor project is experimental and unnecessary,” said Don Safer, Tennessee Environmental Council board member. “We now have affordable, safe, proven technologies such as wind, solar and energy efficiency and conservation that can deliver, unlike new nuclear power, which has been a failure.”

While granting the hearing, the board rejected the environmental groups’ contention that TVA has not considered the potential for spent fuel pool fires in requesting an exemption from NRC’s requirement that nuclear power plants have a 10-mile emergency planning zone around them.

In siding with TVA on that issue, the NRC board stated the environmental groups "misunderstood" TVA's request for an exemption, that TVA is asking only to use an alternate emergency plan — "a dose-based, consequence-oriented approach to establish an appropriate (emergency planning zone) size consistent with (U.S. EPA Protective Action Guides) criteria.


"a dose-based,

"a dose-based, consequence-oriented approach"

What a bunch of sociopaths.

TVA missed the boat on solar. I said many years ago that utilities, from TVA on down to locals, should be getting into the business of financing, installing and maintaining home solar systems.

They could have been making money plus avoiding coal and nuclear and infrastructure expansion costs. But no.

Once local energy storage is worked out, TVA and the rest will be obsolete.

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