Sep 25 2017
05:50 pm
By: WhitesCreek

Did you know that? 50 caves in Roane County?

Here's a note from cave geologist extraordinaire, Chuck Sutherland...

With the Fall data release of the Tennessee Cave Survey (TCS) comes the updated Tennessee cave distribution map.

This year 153 new caves were added, and 42 caves removed. Caves get removed either because they have been re-measured since discovery and shown to fail to qualify for the survey (50' horizontal, 30' vertical), or the cave is connected to another known cave and two or more caves become one cave.

In other news White County is still way out in the lead with 1,357 unique caves. The majority of caves in Tennessee occur at a specific geologic contact, and that particular contact is well exposed in White County.

Chuck is an amazing photographer too!

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