I haven't had time to really dig into this but TVA wants to drastically cut back the public's ability to have input into its activities that affect our communities. This action was taken at the recommendation of its "business" departments with no input from its environmental sections, a huge red flag to me.

We in Roane County might remember that TVA doesn't have a great track record in letting the business department make environmental decisions. The TVA ash disaster that still holds this county back economically was caused by a decision to "save" 4 million dollars, ultimately costing TVA rate payers $1.4 Billion and the people of Roane County over half a billion in lost property values.

Here's a few links:


UPDATE: Proposed Changes to TVA’s NEPA Procedures (9/1/17)

I’ve not digested these proposed changes and probably won’t prior to the September 6th deadline to submit comments. NEPA review is a huge operation so I’m not surprised they are looking for ways to streamline the work.

Here is an updated statement about the proposed changes posted online at TVA. It is dated today. It seems like an attempt to clarify things for the public.


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