Jun 29 2017
10:34 am
By: WhitesCreek

Chuck Southerland got up early and did this for all of us. I hope you have broadband and can enjoy the high res version of this. Well done Chuck!

From Chuck:

Sunrise on Summer Solstice, Rocking Rock, White County, Tennessee [Time lapse]

Marvin Bullock has a ritual on summer solstice to wake up early and catch the sunrise and to send the day off by watching the sunset. This year I joined him at my favorite sunrise spot in White County, Rocking Rock.
This video is the result of 1,310 eighteen megapixel (mp) individual camera RAW images processed. Of those, about 100 of them had Marvin or his drone wandering through the frames and I removed them frame by frame manually (it's not perfect, and I think I missed a few frames). You're just now seeing this video because it takes days to process that much data and produce a video that is at 18 mp quality. This means you could watch this on a video and not see pixels on a monitor 80" x 45" at 72 dpi, or 60" x 34" at 96 dpi. It's big, and crisp. The total video size is 3.6 gigs. The temp files to create it totaled over 24 gigs. Total processing time (RAW to JPG, removing Marvin and the drone, deflickr, Panolapse, and writing the video) from beginning to end was approximately 52 hours.
Compare that with the previous photo that I just posted. The total of the time it took me to drive to the location, take the photo, process the image, describe, and upload it, was about 5 hours. I would love to think that by applying 10x the effort, I would reach 10x the audience, but reality doesn't work that way. It's nice to get feedback and share something beautiful with y'all, but ultimately, I'm just happy doing what I like to do.

Have a happy Thursday. :)

©Chuck Sutherland, 2017

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