May 23 2017
06:40 am
By: WhitesCreek

In these bizarre times the man, who couldn't remember the name of the Energy Dept. on national TV during the GOP presidential debate, is now Secretary of that department. What this means is that our senators and congressmen need to suck up to Rick Perry bigly. They did a great job of that. Lamar first told a huge whopper, saying that Perry is a fast learner (No!). But then Lamar demonstrated that he is a very brave man by riding around in a printed car while Rick Perry drove. We should be proud of our elected officials. They are so smart that they knew better than to try to show Rick Perry the amazing science that is being done at ORNL and took him straight over to play with the toys.


We are thinking that Lamar, who is actually smart, told Rick Perry that the reason the toys weren't shiny is that the ORNL budget is too low and that Perry should get right to work on getting them more money in the federal budget...like maybe after Trump finishes destroying the EPA they have some extra to send our way.


Excellent report. If I had

Excellent report.

If I had time to thought-bubble caption the photo at the original link, it would be "What the hell is this guy talking about? Doesn't Ford already make a Fusion? Say, are there any good barbecue and bourbon places around here?"

Answers in order..

"Who the bleeps knows?"


"No...and that's a darn shame!"

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