Somehow the fact escaped the news cycles that the Haslam gas tax increase, which overwhelmingly burdens working people, gives a tax break to Tennessee's rich folks and big corporations. Are Republicans proud that Fed-Ex gets a huge tax break and you and I will pay more at the pump?

On the Federal level, Obamacare repeal turned out to be nothing more than a tax break for rich people and Big Pharma. Thankfully, even the right wing news folks found it so disgusting that they gave it a little coverage.

The latest transfer of tax dollars at the state level is Governor Haslam's privatization of state buildings and infrastructure, including our state parks and Universities. Universities will be forced to pay $1.9 BILLION dollars to Haslam's buddies as a result. Enter State Comptroller Justin Wilson riding his white horse of justice, demanding the answers to a few questions. Questions which Legislative Democrats have asked repeatedly and were ignored by the Governor.

Wilson, a Republican just so you know, has asked a few questions in a very public manner that the Governor will have a tough time refusing to answer... "Few" meaning 53 questions that responsible Tennesseans want to know.

Just out of curiosity, has anyone ever seen building maintenance improve and cost go down when it was turned over to an outside contractor? I don't think it has ever happened in the history of the world. It's kinda like charter schools, which are an overwhelming statistical failure, but since some politically connected folks can make a lot of money destroying public schools, they rise like zombies to torment our lives.

State Comptroller Justin Wilson is our Hero of the Week!

Via Tom Humphrey, who continues to be our Tennessee Hero and Patriot of the Century!

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