May 10 2017
09:53 am
By: WhitesCreek

Our friend, Crystal Sloan, has passed away.

Folks at RoaneViews knew her as OneTahiti, a stickler for facts and truth in forming her strong well reasoned opinions. On occasion Crystal would call and we would discuss some community matter that was on her mind. During those conversations I learned that she was MIT educated and had Dr. Noam Chomsky, a hero of mine, as one of her professors.

Crystal had many health challenges in the last few years and now is released from those worldly troubles. In spite of those obstacles, she gave much to her community and was a great proponent, supporter, and worker for the West Roane Volunteer Fire Department over many years.

We've lost a beautiful soul...She will be missed. She had the best laugh of anyone I know.

Very sad news, sorry to hear

Very sad news, sorry to hear it. We corresponded a few times and she participated some at KnoxViews. She seemed like a sweet, caring and giving person.

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