Geez...This woman says absolutely NOTHING.

"I have more faith in our state legislatures"...Really?

What the hell is the "invisible risk pool"?


One question should be asked:

Why did you vote to exempt yourself from this bill?

A side note...

I concur with your appraisal of Marsha Blackburn’s performance. However, I attribute it more to politics than her background in Home Economics.

Ellen Swallow Richards is considered to be the founding Mother of Ecology. When she created the new academic discipline, she wanted to call it Human Ecology, but her friend John Dewey (of the Dewey decimal system in the library) convinced her to call it Home Economics as a way to gain acceptance in the higher education of women.

Now many universities are integrating home economics programs into other academic disciplines. UT no longer has a college of Home Economics. Nutrition as well as Child and Family Study programs were absorbed into a new College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences. Interior design was absorbed into Architecture and Design…and so on.

Here’s a link to a story about Ellen Swallow Richards being the founding Mother of Ecology. Well worth a read. It’s true!


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