May 3 2017
06:12 am

Is this the "Poacher Protection Act" or the "Active Shooter Facilitation Act"? There is a reason silencers have been illegal for all these years but TN Republicans don;t want you to hear any of them as they serve their NRA masters. Rep Mike Stewart:

The so-called “Tennessee Hearing Protection Act” ends the prohibition on possessing, manufacturing, transporting, repairing or selling a firearm silencer. Any citizen who can imagine what it will be like to be a police officer and to potentially face a concealed assailant using a silenced weapon can see what an unwise and irresponsible bill this is. And yet, shortly after debate began tonight, it was cut off by Republican leadership who forced a vote on the measure. At the very least, the people deserve a debate so they can hear the potential dangers of what a silenced weapon can do. Shutting down debate on crucial issues like this one does a disservice to the people who elected us.


Did you know...

.. that "silenced" weapons are far from silent?


A silenced .223 is

A silenced .223 is approximately one tenth as loud as an un-silenced .223.

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