Apr 21 2017
07:04 am

Saint Thomas brings us a round up of contrasting commentary on the gas tax increase.

I haven't found an article that clearly lays out who gets the tax cut and where exactly all the money goes but it's plain to say that corporations and rich folks get most of the benefit with a little left over for roads and infrastructure. For a 7 cent increase in gas prices you get a half percent decease in food sales tax to give politicians a talking point. The Haslams and other rich folks get a break on the Hall Tax and big corporations get tens of millions in tax breaks. What started out as a good idea went rotten in the Tennessee Legislature.

Leave it to the out-of-touch and suck-up-to-donors Tennessee GOP to slap every hard-working Tennessean struggling to survive right in the wallet each time they must buy fuel. Yet again the TnGA have refused the most common sense actions to fund the state’s roads- pass an Open Container Law. Responsible state legislators have attempted for years to repatriate 12.1cents/gal of the Federal Gas Tax that Tennesseans have already paid simply by bringing our state into compliance with Federal Laws since 1998. Currently TN leaves $1.5 Million ‘on the table’ every year that could be spent here in our state to fix our roads and bridges. TN lawmakers have chosen to burden all 6.6 million TN citizens in order to ingratiate themselves to the 100,000 who attend University of Tennessee games.


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Lost Medicaid Funding

To date, the failure to expand Medicaid / TennCare has cost the State of Tennessee ? in lost federal funding.