These are interesting numbers, especially since Trump handily won Tennessee and Obama handily lost.

Asked, “Do you approve or disapprove of the way Donald Trump is handling his job as president?” the poll found that:

51 percent approve
32 percent disapprove
17 percent don’t know or don’t answer
For comparison, when the spring 2009 MTSU Poll was conducted shortly after Barack Obama took office, it asked whether respondents approved of the job he was doing as president and found that:

53 percent approved
27 percent disapproved
20 percent didn’t know or didn’t answer

Trump got 61% of the popular vote in the election. So much for his 100 day honeymoon.


Double digit

It isn't like there is a double digit difference in any of the questions asked. And with the exception of the second question, the other two are within the margin of error.

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