Feb 17 2017
07:23 am

Front page top story today is a teacher arrested for harassment of his ex wife's boyfriend. There are several things about this story that bother me but mostly that it is on the front page of our only newspaper. Our paper certainly wants to show Roane County in its best light. The other thing is that it contains atrocious grammar.

“Mr. Morris stated that Mr. Plemens started yelling at him and saying that he had not forgot about him. He also stated that Mr. Morris had went after the wrong woman and they would cross paths one day.”

And no, I'm not linking to this story.

Yes and No

Yes the grammar was terrible, but I believe it was a quote. I hate to see that on the front page, but I don't want it buried and made to seem insignificant. This person teaches our children, and I know this happened away from the school, but it is unacceptable behavior. Does he speak to students like that?

I'm not diminishing the unfortunate actions

I think that was a quote from the officer's report. They have a tough enough job without having their grammar displayed on the front page. I just hate to see "stenographer" reporting on the front page representing Roane County to the world. Where is the good news for Raone County? There were tens of thousands of Roane Countians doing good things but what gets the top front and center? This is a great place to live and raise a family but you would never know it from the front page of the RCN.

WC, I think...

... your points are well made. Tis sad indeed.


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