Jan 20 2017
07:34 am

Wright continues to be a well respected and highly recognized member of law enforcement.

“He has done an outstanding job,” said Rockwood Mayor Mike “Brillo” Miller Wednesday, specifically citing technological updates. “He has helped progress the police department in a lot of positive ways, and I really appreciate his efforts.”

Wright was acknowledged at the state level recently, and was awarded the Tennessee Association of Chiefs of Police, Level 4 leadership, the highest level possible.


Chief of Police

He's an outstanding law enforcement officer and college instructor. We could use a dozen more cops like him.

I agree wholeheartedly!

Chief Wright has been exemplary in the execution of his duties. He has brought significant professionalism to bear in his department. He is a graduate of the National Academy of the FBI, which is a rare achievement. He will be sorely missed as a highly professional Chief. His will be difficult shoes to fill from the professional standpoint!

Best of luck in the future, Chief!


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Lost Medicaid Funding

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