Aug 30 2007
07:58 am
By: WhitesCreek

The GOP is calling for the resignation of Senator Larry Craig...OK, but what about Senator David Bruce Vitter, who has done far worse?

This is a bit indelicate but needs discussing, unfortunately.

Senator Craig (R-Idaho) asks, in a weird sort of way but "ask" he did, for another man to participate in a little airport restroom hanky panky.

As far as I can tell, what Craig did is a little weird and a little more sad and pitiful, but it wasn't illegal. It was certainly a consenting adult proposition, which the other adult was quite free to refuse, which he did by flashing his police badge under the bathroom stall.

Some duty for a Cop, eh?

Here's the part I don't get...Other Republican Senators are calling for Craig's resignation.

OK, fine, but they are NOT calling for Senator David Vitter's (R-Louisianna) resignation for far more amoral and egregious acts, unless you think that paying prostitutes to dress you up in a diaper and spank you before doing whatever else it is that prostitutes do to paying customers.

What the GOP seems to be saying is that paying for prostitutes is OK but consenting adult gay sex is a transgression so serious that the perpetrator must resign from his Senate seat.

Both Republican Senators have committed acts of unbelievable hypocrisy...

That is the transgression for which they should BOTH resign.

The GOP "Blows" another one!

Ashamed of my Senator

Since Sen. Vitter (unfortunately) represents me I am going to have to jump in here and say Yes he should resign. Not for what he did in his personal life but for sheer unmitigated hypocrisy. He ran as the Christian (which I am also), Family First, answer to the Godless heathen Democrats. Since Louisiana is in rapid transition to being a red state he won easily. As a Christian I do my best to live up to the things I believe and speak out about. I do not think Mr. Vitter does that and as a result should resign. But...since La. is still in transition and not yet solid red like Idaho no one in the GOP will call for it.

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