Stories are appearing in several media outlets marking today as the 8th anniversary of the TVA Disaster. TVA spent over a billion dollars remediating the environmental destruction and succeeded beyond any expectation. At the same time they refused to fully economically compensate its victims.

Evidence in court showed that the economic damage to Roane County property and business owners was in the $620 million range. In the final settlement the Judge stated that TVA was clearly responsible but could not, under the law, be made to pay for what they had done. They didn't...paying out roughly one fourth of what they should have.

All that said, Roane County has recovered from this horrendous environmental and economic disaster caused by TVA gross ineptitude and arrogance. Why must we be continually punished by media's continued focus on the damage with little presentation of our recovery and the beautiful environment we have today?

I detest this story and every one like it. They replay our environmental rape with graphic video and photography with little coverage of the beauty that has taken its place.

I feel like we have so much to offer today but media wants to begin each story on Roane County with our environmental rape, while ignoring the economic rape that occurred right along side it and only giving lip service to what we are today. Roane County is spectacularly beautiful, a great place to raise kids and live and recreate, but you would never know it from stories like this.

I like Marcia Davis’s story

I like Marcia Davis’s story about the Birder Flash Mob in the Gupton Wetlands.

[Roane County’s Gupton Wetlands has wading birds galore published in the Knoxville News Sentinal, July 23, 2016. (Link is no longer active.)]

And, Terri Likens’ story about the transformation in Swan Pond. Roane County News, July 24, 2015. (paywall)


The TVA aerial video after closeout was very well done, too.


We need more visuals and narratives (stories, songs, poems) that speak to the beauty of the place and resilience of the human spirit.

Amen, WC

Totally agree.


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