A studied and thoughtful friend wrote to me:

"Hamilton's intent for the electoral college was for it to serve as a firewall against ignorance with the hope the electors would act in the best interest of the republic eschewing party partisanship and acting on the attributes of reason, virtue and integrity. We shall soon see. These traits are sadly lacking in our society today. His great fear was that an unfettered democracy would devolve demagoguery thus empowering a tyrant. Interesting Federalist #68 addressed concern about foreign powers meddling in our electoral process. We are about to find if "spine" is a wholly owned corrupt corporate subsidiary."

Here is what the RCN says some of the letters contained:

“Our deep prayer is that you will not vote in favor of Trump on Dec. 19,” wrote Boyd and Kay Levet of Sisters, Ore.

“There are many reasons to reject Donald Trump as unfit to be president,” Dr. Steve Kowalski of Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif., wrote. “I will name just one: he will pervert our standards of law and ethics by using the presidency to enrich himself and his family.”

Lisa Scheff of Oakland, Calif., mailed Holiway a postcard.

“You are the last clear path to stopping what may easily become a totalitarian regime from taking over,” Scheff wrote.

An interesting view into the thought process of Republicans is the elector's reasoning for not opening the letters, "When I lived in Memphis I worked at a bank, and we had an anthrax scare on a letter".


2.8 million more Americans voted for Hillary Clinton than Trump at last count. The electoral college was never intended to install the second place candidate as President on a technicality.

Federalist 68...

... when read in its totality, is against any sort of interference or outside influence of the Electors.


So why was Trump allowed to

So why was Trump allowed to threaten political reprisal if he was voted against?

I dare say the same reason...

... that people were allowed to threaten the other direction.

Because the DOJ was asleep at the switch.

Of course, Federalist 68 is hardly law, either, is it?


I don't think you can equate

I don't think you can equate threats by the Trump Campaign itself with letters and emails from concerned voters.


I can equate...

... attempts to bribe and threats from Trump opposers sent to Electors with violation of that principle. It was a two-way street. There is no innocent side in that effort to "persuade" electors.

If you're looking for purity, you're looking in the wrong places. It ain't there.


So you have no trouble with

So you have no trouble with equating the two sides? One is asking Electors to do their Constitutional duty and the other is threatening political reprisal if they do.

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