Dec 15 2016
09:48 am

I signed the petition against privatization of Fall Creek Falls state Park. I have never seen anything good come out of outsourcing except that a bunch of working people lose wages and benefits and a few rich people get richer.


Rob Mitchell sent me the link. His message is in continued reading.

Also see Rob's post over on the right: (link...)

I would appreciate your assistance and consideration of support in this petition drive. Outsourcing is bad on many levels. The lowering of wages and benefits to an already economically challenged community is disturbing. The reduction of future retirement benefits is distressing as it further erodes and dissipates the available disposableincome of the employees and retirees of the State Park. This directly effects the tax base of the community and further hampers growth.

We do not need another Pigeon Forge or Gatlinburg. Even though developments like Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge are an economic boon they come at a cost culturally and aesthetically. Fall Creek Falls has an opportunity to be developed in a different way. It has an opportunity to be developed in a way that benefits current and future generations of Tennesseans and Americans. I do not believe
the destruction and outsourcing of the complex is the answer. The Bear Trace State Golf Courses are not an example to held in high regard based on performance or return on investment.

Save Fall Creek Falls

Don’t OUTSOURCE our Parks! Save Tennessee’s Fall Creek Falls State Park and Conference Center. Please sign the petition to stop the madness!

View and sign the petition here: (link...)

It is reported that for the last several years TDEC has been discouraging conventions and reservations at the park in order to paint a picture of a conference center in decline.

The "Rush to RFP" has been directly attributed to this petition drive which we invite you and your associates to sign. If you would let your friends know of this petition I feel certain that there would be a much greater response than there is currently.

I believe TDEC is afraid that should this become more widely known the backlash from their plans would stop them in their tracks.

Please forward this to your friends.

Save Fall Creek Falls

Since this petition was begun we have raised over 1700 signatures to prevent the demolition and privatization of Fall Creek Falls Inn and Center operations. Thank you to those who signed the petition. We have done well but we need to continue to press harder.

The petition was successful in doing one thing. I caused the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation to speed up the process. We must have made them nervous. Their goal now is to tear it down quickly as it will be too late to stop them once it is already done.

Please give Tennessee and all of America a present this year. Please click on this link (link...) and sign the petition. Next post it to your Facebook page and ask your friends to sign it and do the same. Consider placing a message into an email and ask your friends to follow your example.

Thank you and may God bless you. (link...)

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