Dec 13 2016
07:57 am

Governor Haslam's people have announced that an accounting firm "review" shows that outsourcing has saved the state $35 million. Democrats claim that the review was biased , since the accounting firm has close ties to Haslam. I note two things in the reporting:

1. It was called a "review" instead of an audit. Audits have high standards of balance and accuracy.

2. Where is the link to the actual numbers? Show us the numbers and let us see if the claim is true.

Frankly, I have never ever seen money saved and service improved through outsourcing. I would love to see it.

Here's the link to the KNS story:



Outsourcing, contracting or what ever you want to call it seldom works. The contractor takes away, to varying degrees, the owner's ability to control their business operations. You will normally have less qualified employees and less in number.
I'm sure there are likely some instances where it works, but really doubt this is the case for the State.

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