Oct 25 2016
07:07 am

I would be surprised if anyone in the 32nd House District who reads the RCN could name one single issue in this campaign. They certainly know about Tyler's rescue of his girlfriend who went mamma grizzly after three men who had been harassing her home and her son, though it was characterized very differently in the Damon Lawrence piece. What wasn't mentioned is the extensive criminal history of the men involved. It's sad that elections can be decided by personal attacks and not by issues that greatly affect us all.

So tonight at the Kingston Community Center the public can ask their own questions of Tyler and Calfee...if he shows up. Personally I'm betting Calfee will be a no show at the only event that showcases the candidates side by side and lets us ask questions.

If I get a question I would like to ask Calfee why he voted to protect AT$T's profits and against the County Commission's resolution to allow Municipal Internet providers to serve Roane County?

Calfee was a no show, claiming a prior commitment (???)

A little over 20 people with good questions tonight.

"Will you charge $100 for people to have lunch with you?"


A front page story in the Roane County News on October 14, 2016 detailed issues raised by Tyler Overstreet in his campaign for 32nd District state representative. Over the past few months those issues, including broadband access, opioid addiction and the need for more independent candidates, have been published multiple times in the newspaper.

The RCN has published two news stories about the incident in which Tyler Overstreet has been accused of participating. Both news stories contained information about the criminal history and current incarceration of the other individuals involved in this incident.

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