Aug 30 2007
07:03 am

A Mrs. America contestant from Tennessee was walking to rehersal and saw a spider which frightened her...She jumped away from the spider...

And was bitten by a rattlsnake.

She's now trying to walk in high heels with a badly swollen foot.

I always knew there rattlesnakes involved with beauty contests.


I choose to look at it this way: There's beauty in rattlesnakes.

Spiders are not that bad.

Spiders are not that bad.

Depends on the spider. :)

A brown recluse got me once here in my computer room; the emergency room doctor said he was prescribing the same pills they give for leprosy. Not fun.

And don't get me started about wolf spiders. The reference books may say they can get up to 1.75 inches, but out here 4 inches are commonplace, and I've seen many 6-inch ones. One seventeen years ago on my front steps was 10 inches --as big as a dinner plate. Another time, a 6-inch especially bulbous pregnant one disgorged 100+ quarter-inch babies in the middle of my living room.

I'm glad I never saw the spider who wove the 14-foot web I found once late one summer at the edge of my back yard.

And for a few days in the early autumn most years we get an explosion of 4" - 6" reddish brown spiders all over everything outside, like a blanket. Just opening the door can make 6 or 8 fall into the foyer. Their color is gorgeous--as long as they stay outside.

Before I moved here I would not have been able to even look at the movie Arachnophobia. But now I can watch it and think, "Where are all the spiders?" :)

I know spiders are our friends. But sometimes I wish I had some millions fewer. :)

-- OneTahiti

wolf spiders

we live very near the lake and were told that spiders were very commonplace here. my son (then probably 2) was in the stairwell and said "mommy, butterfly." i was very curious to see the "butterfly" in the house and to my dismay (actually i completely lost it) it was a spider. very big, very gross and nothing remotely resembling a butterfly to myself. i whacked that sucker and told my son in no uncertain terms that if he ever saw another "butterfly" like that to not touch it. i am personally more scared of snakes but that spider in my house just totally freaked me out. we have LOTS of spiders here and they can live peacefully, OUTSIDE of my house thank you.


I would lose it too if we had little children here. What with the centipedes, scorpions, ticks, copperheads, spiders, false blister beetles, fire ants, and ground bee swarms, I would be a nervous wreck trying to care for a baby or toddler in these woods.

I grew up in a western desert with rattlers and more, but life is much more sparse in the desert than in this lush forest. I love it here but miss the relative cleanliness of the desert. These woods are jungle by comparison.

-- OneTahiti

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