Sep 6 2016
06:29 pm


Look...If you want to vote for someone who has twice been named as a rapist in sworn under penalty of perjury court documents, why that's fine. You have that right. If you want to vote for a candidate who is under investigation for bribery of Two state attorney generals to keep then from indicting Trump University for Fraud, why that is your right. What isn't your right is to deface and destroy campaign signs of the person running against your candidate. That is just un-American thuggery.


Could have just been jerks, you know like the mail box bashers. Happening to Trump signs also. Still wrong and immature.

Could have been space aliens.

Could have been space aliens. I have no knowledge of a Trump sign vandalized and none of the other signs were vandalized.

This is not just wrong, it is illegal. It violates our ideals of free speech in America. These people are nothing less than thugs. I hope they get caught.

Those thugs (as you called

Those thugs (as you called them), were probably democrats, looking for a little attention and some free publicity!

Oh really? You think this was

Oh really? You think this was a "False Flag" operation?


The Clinton's threw that out long ago!

Still not cool.

Hillary Clinton was not my

Hillary Clinton was not my first choice but I have to admit she has been totally classy her entire career. She's the most investigated candidate in history and there has been exactly ZERO evidence found of any wrong doing on her part.

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