Aug 21 2016
09:10 am

I guess as long as you smile and "Okey-Doke" you can get away with robbing the taxpayers.

Tennessee drivers continue to shoulder most of the cost of petroleum spills at Pilot Flying J, Chevron, Exxon and other companies, large and small, through a one-fourth of a cent per gallon gas tax that added up to about $18 million last year. Companies contribute about $2 million in fees each year.
Taxpayers are shouldering more of the costs to clean

Taxpayers are shouldering more of the costs to clean up toxic spills at gas stations and truck stops. (Photo: Bill Campling / Nashville Design Studio)


The fund has paid out millions to private petroleum companies since it began operating in 1990, including $10 million to Pilot Flying J, the Haslam family truck stop chain worth an estimated $33 billion. The governor continues to hold an undisclosed financial stake in the company.


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