TDEC is supposed to be on the Citizen's side but that seems rarely the case. A group of environmental organizations sued TVA and TDEC 6 years ago to force them to meet Federal guidelines for pollution...

"After fighting the issue for more than six years, TDEC and TVA finally agreed to reduce the pollutants in water discharged under the three plants’ Clean Water Act operating permits issued by TDEC. Under the settlement agreement, TVA must incorporate new federal guidelines for the discharge of toxic pollutants like arsenic and selenium and submit updated permit applications for Gallatin, Bull Run and Kingston to TDEC by November 2, 2016...

"It is past time for these three dinosaur coal plants to modernize," said Earthjustice attorney Mary Whittle. "These new, stronger permit requirements are critical to protecting the Cumberland, Clinch, and Emory Rivers and to protecting the people of Tennessee who depend on these rivers for drinking water and recreation."

Big Thank You's to TCWN, SACE, Earth Justice, and the Sierra Club for going to bat for Roane County lakes and rivers!


We are all in this together...

I like to think of TDEC as our experts—we are on the same page. It must be hard to figure out how to integrate all the new federal guidelines into state regulatory requirements. TVA will do what is required of them. Nonetheless, I’m glad these independent environmental organizations are keeping an eye on it. This should help people to sleep better at night.

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Lost Medicaid Funding

To date, the failure to expand Medicaid / TennCare has cost the State of Tennessee ? in lost federal funding.