Jul 26 2016
08:50 am

Michelle Obama is amazing. She gave the best speech ever! Warren nailed Trump and Sanders brought everyone together, but Michelle just laid out everything that matters in the most intelligent and loving speech I've heard in a long time.

WATE story:

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, a favorite of liberals who has emerged as one of the Democrats’ toughest critics of Trump.

“Donald Trump has no real plans for jobs, for college kids, for seniors,” she said in the keynote address. “No plans to make anything great for anyone except rich guys like Donald Trump.”

Mrs. Obama was one of the night’s standouts. While she has often avoided overt politics during her nearly eight years in the White House, her frustration with Trump’s rise was evident. She warned that the White House couldn’t be in the hands of someone with “a thin skin or a tendency to lash out” or someone who tells voters the country can be great again.

“This right now, is the greatest country on earth,” she said.


And what has Hillary Clinton

And what has Hillary Clinton got plans to do about anything? The democratic plans for jobs is to raise the minimum wage!

Hillary would keep things just like Obama, except more extreme.

And one thing about the first day of the DNC, one of Americas BIGGEST problems right now is ISIS. 61 speakers the first day, NOT ONE MENTION of ISIS.

I am not a fan of Donald Trump, but with the competition being Killary Clinton, it has to be Donald J. Trump for President!

Ron, please go read the

Ron, please go read the special election year rules for posting on RoaneViews.com. Name calling posts will be deleted. Let's have some facts and references to back up any charges and I'll let your post stand.

Frankly I disagree that ISIS is much of a problem for most Americans. Toddlers with guns have shot and killed a rather larger number of people. I see a number of problems far greater than ISIS. Global Warming will destroy our way of life if left unchecked. I saw nothing about that on any day of the RNC.

I found it ironic...

... or maybe just self serving, that Michelle has, after 8 years, finally decided to admit that we DO live in a great country. After she has repeatedly made remarks to the contrary during the preceding times of her husband's presidency. She's never shown pride in her country before, and she has often denigrated it.


I beg to differ...

RB - Your comments about Michelle Obama are specious, if not scurrilous…not worthy of a gentleman.

No she hasn't

RB, you are repeating false charges made up by people who want to mislead you. Michelle Obama is the most decent and honorable First Lady America has has since I've been alive.

Seems to me that in about 2008...

... she was proud of her country for the first time in her life. That was over her husband's nomination. Did she not say that? Does that not indicate a life spend NOT being proud of her country? I don't know. To me it sure sounds that way. Of course, when her hand was called on that, she took a good bit of backwater on it, clarifying that that is not what she really meant.

But on to your statement, WC. More decent and honorable than Jackie O? Than Lady Bird? Than Mamie? Than Bess? Than Betty Ford?

What was less decent or less honorable about those ladies?

I understand you're proud of her, and I won't argue that you shouldn't be.



So you are denigrating Michelle Obama for not thinking her country is great. Actually she was saying it could be a more perfect union. But let's look at this from a different angle. The entire GOP is claiming our country is NOT Great. Their nominee is actually running on that as its platform.

Read the hat!

Drop the mic WhitesCreek...

...that was perfect.


Well done.


We're all in this together,

We're all in this together, RB. It's up to all of us to hang together and not let them divide us. Cheers!


Let kindness prevail—please and thank you!



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