We have AT&T DSL internet service with no prospects for faster internet thanks to State Representative Kent Calfee. The highest speed we can buy is 1.5 megabits. We continually test out at 0.4 to 0.8 MB and the tech rep said that they consider 1.2 MB all we get. So that means we are paying 25% more than we should be on a percentage basis. AT$T has declined to reduce our cost, calling our service a "best effort" product. Let any other business try that and see what they get.

"I ordered the 4 egg omelette and you said I only get three."

AT$T: Too bad...We only have to give you 3 eggs but you'll have to pay for 4 because that's our deal."

"But you actually only gave me 1 egg!"

AT$T: What's your point?"

Update: The agent just told me that for 1.5 mb accounts they only have to provide 0.87 mb. For 3 MB DSL they only have to provide 1.57 MB.

Does anybody out there have a satisfactory satellite service?


I love DISH satellite! I have no idea what speed it provides, but it is sooooo much better than dialup I have no complaints. It’s a whole new world. Of course, storms render it off line. Not sure of the language for this discussion—lol.

internet service

We started off with dial-up here because it was the only option at the time. Painfully slow, but reliable . . . at least until the ISP went out of business. Next we switched to Verizon cellular with a "hotspot", made possible by improved cell coverage. It's reasonably fast, but since it's metered and you pay by the GB, you have to watch your usage (no streaming video). About a year ago, AT&T finally offered DSL here so we signed up. Overall, I've been satisfied with the service. We (usually) get the advertised bandwidth. Cost is higher than it should be when compared to the much faster plans available in town, but since it's our only viable option, we give them our money. Never tried satellite because of I hear of too many problems: weather related outages, extremely high network latency, high cost, . . .

How are you testing your DSL performance? If it is end-to-end data transfers, AT&T is not likely to put too much meaning into your measurements. Too many things out of their control (your computer, your home wiring, the network at the other end, etc.). They only care about available bandwidth from the telephone interface box on the side of your house back to the AT&T center. If they can't meet the stated bandwidth capacity for that, then you have a complaint they can't (shouldn't?) ignore.

Start by looking at (link...) which should be the inside interface on your modem. On my model, I can click on Broadband and look at the Downstream and Upstream sync rates which should be close to the advertised bandwidth. If not, it still might be between the interface box and the modem inside your house, but that's a start.

AT&T would...

... screw a snake!They tried to get me once, even sent me a modem to my front porch, which I NEVER even connected to anything.

But they tried to bill me for internet for a year, even though I had never connected the modem I had not asked for to anything.

I HATE AT&T. Did I mention they suck.

I really don't understand Calfee's move on that one - he should have been smarter.


"..he should have been smarter". I hear that a lot about Calfee

I really don't understand Calfee's move on that one - he should have been smarter.

I would put it differently...He should represent his District people instead of the big money corporations who contribute to his campaign and wine and dine him in Nashville.


When I was a young child my mother admonished me for using the word hate. She said, “You are not allowed to hate.” I took that to mean do not use the word hate. Of course, there is more to it than just not using the word hate. A prominent man (Elie Wiesel) once said the opposite of love is not hate…it is indifference. I agree with WC. KC’s decision reflects indifference to our needs.

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