I really don't like being against an alternative energy project but the wind mill farm on the Roane County Cumberland County border would negatively impact Roane County forever ruining the view of the Cumberland Mountains from Mt. Roosevelt. It would be the worst form of ridge top development at a time when Roane County is embracing adventure tourism, which relies heavily on views and vistas to draw people to our county.

“There are few places in our state more beautiful than Cumberland County,” his (Sen Lamar Alexander's) letter to Woody said. “We should not allow anyone to destroy the environment in the name of saving it.”

Woody said he believes Alexander made a good point about the wind project’s impact on the area’s aesthetics.

“Once you have a power plant, whether it be wind, solar or whatever, you have to put the grid in,” Woody said. “You have to put all the power lines in to transmit the power.”

Cumberland is to the west of Roane County. Commissioner Darryl Meadows, who represents the Rockwood area, said he hasn’t received any feedback from his constituents about the wind project.

Darryl, I hope you will consider this feedback. Most of your constituents have no idea how this will negatively affect the future of tourism in our area.


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