May 24 2016
08:52 am
By: WhitesCreek

Sometimes I'm just stunned and saddened by what my Senators say right out loud...

Tens of thousands of Tennesseans who today are mid-management or professional employees are not going to like it one bit when their employer tells them that under this new rule they're going to be punching the time clock when they go in and out of work.

Really, Senator Alexander? What rational human being prefers to work overtime without being paid rather than punch a clock?


I'm not sure how accurate his interpretation is

The info put out by the well informed HR folks where I work did not say that people who are currently exempt and salaried would no longer be exempt and salaried. They just said that if their current pay isn't at a certain level they are entitled to overtime.

"Under the new regulations, any salaried (exempt) employee earning less than $47,476 annually will also be entitled to an overtime rate for work hours exceeding 40."


Somebody handed him that load

Somebody handed him that load of bs to read.

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Lost Medicaid Funding

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