May 23 2016
08:30 pm

The Rockwood City Council approved the Rockwood Forest Trails at tonight's meeting. The 4 to 5 mile trail system is to be built on land already owned by the City of Rockwood with the trail head being inside the Rockwood Sports Complex. Volunteers from various hiking, trail, and mountain bike clubs will do most of the work with Rockwood only having to supply materials for short bridges, signs, and one gate into the trail complex.

The goal is to have at least one trail loop completed by mid March of 2017 in time for the spring wildflower season. Trails are to be multi use, for walking, hiking, and mountain biking. Final trail routing will begin in the fall after leaf drop. Trail construction will begin as soon as trail routing is complete and flagged.

The preliminary trail routes are subject to change but are shown here:

Rockwood Trail

Phase one of the trail system is on City of Rockwood land. Phase two will include several hundred acres of Mt. Roosevelt State Forest located adjacent to Highway 70.

Here are a few shots inside the forest.


This is so beautiful it takes my breath away! It will be fun to name the trails--nature themes?

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