Here's the article by SACE: (link...)

Here's my response:

Wind power isn't perfect but it's a danged sight better than the nuclear that Senator Alexander promotes and is certainly safer than any of the other fossil fuels. I suspect the good Senator's motives lie in his extensive investments in mountain property and the rather large donations he has received from the nuclear fuel and disposal industry.

I do take one serious exception to this article in that Kingston Tennessee was NOT destroyed, devastated, or harmed in any long term way by the geological event known as the TVA ASH Spill. We did lose 6 years of our lives to the damned thing, which could have been prevented by a strong TDEC or a competent TVA.

I object to and am angered by SACE's use of photos showing the Kingston ash disaster without an accompanying photo showing the beauty that has replaced it. Today, we have parks, trails, ball fields, and a recovered lake where our recreation industry has returned. True, it has cost TVA customers well over a Billion dollars to make our environment whole, but whole we are. We could use a little help getting the word out, if SACE would b so kind as to let the world know we are recovered and a fabulous place to live and recreate instead of portraying us as eternal victims of TVA and Coal.

It does bear mentioning that the courts found TVA completely responsible for its ash disaster but also found that the law does not allow TVA's victims to force TVA to make them whole. TVA made a token settlement that was a fraction of the true damages to Roane County. Senator Alexander wants us to turn to nuclear energy, the disasters of which cannot ever be recovered from and an industry run by an entity that could not safely pile dirt.

The ironies are magnificent.

I have a question...

Attacking Alexander is not going to help. Stick with examining his argument. More on the Cumberland County story:


I wonder who is the central planning authority for developing alternatives for energy production in our state? All kinds of possibilities are emerging, but they seem to be piecemeal.

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