May 4 2016
06:51 am

Public comments on live aboard house boats on TVA reservoirs seems to have fallen into to sides. Folks who own live aboard houseboats want TVA to allow them. Everybody else supports the rather permissive slow removal over 20 years plan, which is quite generous since it has been illegal to put a live aboard house on TVA reservoirs since 1978. TVA goes all in your face on some regulations and enforces them with the full vigor of its Federal authority. On other things, such as this, its lackadaisical enforcement along the way leads to crisis management today.

The TVA Board of Directors will vote on Thursday on the Non-Navigable, Floating Homes Policy. The new policy, if approved, will require these private homes, which have been constructed on public waters, to be removed within 20 years. Until then, these homes will have to comply with the latest electrical and sanitary wastewater regulations.

It is important to remember that floating houses moored on TVA’s reservoirs take for private use this public resource. They pose navigation and safety risks, and they degrade water quality.

Full TVA statement

The floating house people said this in a letter to the Knox News Sentinel:

98 percent of the floating homes on the TVA reservoirs are moored in commercial marinas. Those marinas are lawfully contracted with TVA, and they operate within defined and established boundaries outside the main channels of travel. The marinas and their boundaries occupy .7 percent of the total surface water of the lakes.

Taking them at their word and doing a little pencil work I get that floating houses occupy 1,795 acres of public land/water in TN alone for which they pay zero property taxes. And they do this illegally! I think being given 20 years to stop committing a violation is more than generous.

Here's the letter to KNS:


Lost Medicaid Funding

To date, the failure to expand Medicaid / TennCare has cost the State of Tennessee ? in lost federal funding.