Apr 1 2016
06:29 am

Quote of the Day from Thunder Thornton:

"Over the past few years, I've had very little confidence in the majority of our state legislators supporting rural broadband expansion which, in essence, is stifling our children in getting a quality education and creating an unfair disadvantage for existing business growth along with our overall economic development efforts,"

The availability of High speed internet will make or break communities in the future. It is even more significant than rural phone service was in the middle of the last century when it comes to a community having a viable future. This article illustrates how devastating Rep. Calfee's vote to protect corporate profits will be for Roane County in the future.

Unable to gain high-speed broadband at what he deemed an affordable price from AT&T or Charter Communications and limited from service extensions from EPB's ultra-fast Internet in Chattanooga, Thornton created his own Internet service provider last year. The private developer spent more than $400,000 to build his own fiber network and link it with a power cooperative in Stevenson, Ala., where fast broadband is available.

State Sen. Janice Bowling, R-Tullahoma, chief sponsor of the bill to allow municipal broadband service across Tennessee, blamed pressure by AT&T's 27 paid lobbyists in Nashville for killing her proposals.


No excuse

Our legislators do nothing but look out for their own interests. They should be ashamed of themselves.

I don't understand Calfee

I don't understand Calfee voting against the Roane County Commission on this one. When Julia Hurley voted as the lobbyists directed instead of the Commission she was defeated next election cycle. I think Calfee may draw some strong opposition in this coming election.

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