Mar 26 2016
09:00 am

Bradford Pears are "worse than kudzu!" This article sums it up. The thing to do is identify them now while they are blooming and cut them down as soon as you can get to them.

All those white blooming trees you see everywhere... do you think they are pretty? If you knew what they actually represent, you would choke on your morning coffee and gag on your scrambled eggs. All those white blooming trees you see now are an environmental disaster happening right before your very eyes.


Let's note that dogwoods are also starting to bloom and service berry trees have been blooming for a short while. The upward branching limbs of the bradford pear give it away at any time of year.


Bradford pears trees are a

Bradford pears trees are a hybrid that supposedly would not reproduce. It does. And...the offspring revert to the Callery Pear Tree form which has 3 to 4 inch thorns. The huge thorns are a dead giveaway that the tree should be cut and the fresh stump painted with herbicide.

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