Feb 24 2016
10:06 am

TDEC is being called out for failing to bring enforcement actions aginst people and corporations that have compromised our water quality. Betty Bean did a good job laying out the situation in 500 word article, but it would be difficult to cover even with a book. There is a lot more to the story, such as the constant pressure on TDEC by our legislators driven by lobbyists for people and corporations who make more money by refusing to spend on the investments for clean water. This is a national problem, though we are usually more concerned with problems close to home. It's a complex problem and we need TDEC to serve it's charted purpose and not protect polluters. But then this only affects people who drink water.

We need our elected officials working to make TDEC an effective agent for a clean Tennessee environment. TDEC Commissioner Martineau is a very capable administrator who can do the job he is directed to do. We as citizens need to ask our legislators to serve us rather than the army of polluter lobbyists that crawls Legislative Plaza.

TDEC needs be given the tools, budget, and will to do its job.


Thoughtful appraisal of the situation

Nice shout out for the TDEC men and women serving in the field. These folks will do anything for you!

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