HB 1650 would stop gas tax money being used for bike lanes, walking lanes, pedestrian access and other uses that make our communities better places to live. Having our cities designed as "walkable" is one of the main attractions to retirees and people with families. To take this source of funding away from communities is just a manifestation of greed or dislike of people who walk and ride bicycles in their communities. It's a really bad idea.

Here's more from Saint Humphrey:



Not opposed to walking trails, bike paths etc, but not with the gas tax monies. That money should go to funding roads that gas vehicles use. It is an all too familiar problem of money collected for one purpose is diverted for another unrelated purpose. There are CDBG and other community improvement grants that should be used for those projects.

Almost all tax money is spent on projects not direct to the tax.

That's like saying the alcohol tax revenue should only be spent for more and better beer. Of course it's the line that the road lobby is using but it really makes no sense when examined.

Hikers and bikers actually mostly drive cars too and want a portion of their tax money spent on community enhancements for everybody.

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