Feb 19 2016
12:05 pm

You are invited to the party!

March 17th, 7PM, at the Princess Theatre

An event to honor all Jim and Pat Henry have done for the State of Tennessee and our community. The evening is to be a fundraiser for the Princess and will surely be entertaining. On stage, with area schoolchildren, will be Muse Watson, Bill Landry, and Dr. Eric Littleton!

Jim Henry

See my blog post for more information: HERE!


Thanks Steve!

I appreciate your support of the Princess activities.

Jim Henry is responsible for

Jim Henry is responsible for bringing Dagger (and therefore me) to Roane County. We were looking around Morgan, Roane, Knox, Blount, and Loudon for a location. He found us a building we could afford to rent and did not take a commission. He just thought it would be good for the county. We went from an empty building to a payroll of $3.5 million per year in ten years, so I think it worked out.

Your Henry Comment

Sure hope Jim reads Roane Views and sees your gracious comment.

Thanks for your support,

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