Feb 8 2016
08:17 am

This is fun to do and you can learn a to identify lots of your yard visitors in the process. Here is the "Getting Started" link which has lots of resources for identifying birds. Binoculars are very helpful.

Yellow Rumped Warbler


The Merlin app is really a

The Merlin app is really a great tool to help ID birds. And it's free and also lets you know if your sighting is uncommon or rare for your location. It does not report your sightings to the eBird count but hey, there is an app for that too. The eBird count app does report your sightings and it a great tool when you are away from your home base and can be used during the GBBC.

Personally, I use the web eBird reporting when I am at home because you can also list sex/age/photos/weather conditions.

And last but not least- all your eBird sightings can be linked to your Happy Birding!

That photo was..

a Yellow Rumped Warbler hanging out on the deck last winter.

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