I am deeply saddened that this is what we have to report on...

January 25, 2016

On Monday January 25, 2016, at approximately 2:50 pm, Cumberland County 911 Dispatch received a call of a 7 year old male bleeding from the head, in a US HWY 127 North business parking lot. Upon the arrival of Crossville Police Officers, it was discovered that 4 children had been left unattended in a vehicle, while the mother and step-father were inside the business, paying a bill, a short distance from the vehicle. The family had been in Crossville, from White County. City units did find a 7 year old boy bleeding, at the scene.

It was reported to investigators that one of the children located a loaded semi-automatic pistol inside their mother’s purse, which was left in the vehicle. Further reports indicate that the child removed the magazine in an effort to unload the firearm. The firearm was accidentally discharged, striking the 7 year old male victim.

The child was flown to a Knoxville area trauma hospital for treatment, with an unknown exact condition. At this time, statements are being taken from all involved and the investigation is continuing. The Cumberland County District Attorney General’s office and the Department of Children’s Services have been notified and are involved in the investigation.

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