Jan 25 2016
10:07 am

From the RCN:

1. Keep Midway and Oliver Springs, combine Harriman, Rockwood and Roane County High into one.

2. 2 Keep Midway. Build 2 new schools: Harriman Rockwood combine. Oliver Springs Roane County High combine.

3. Keep Midway, all others combine into new school.

4. All existing schools go away. Two new schools: One serves Oliver Springs, Harriman, Rockwood and part of RCHS...The other serves the rest of RCHS and Midway.

5. One new school serves the whole county.

I can't find this study posted anywhere. Let us know if you find it or can get us a copy.

6. Keep the schools we have.

6. Keep the schools we have. Improve them as needed and stop raising Roane County tax bills by leaps and bounds in the name of education.

Why force students into giant schools? Smaller is better!

Another point: Choices 1 through 5 seem to ignore the fact that fuel prices will go up. Who pays for all that bussing of students?

We should expand monies for education, but not sink it into bussing. Some examples: Students need books and supplies. Class sizes should be smaller. "Free" public school should not cost parents so much in fees.

-- OneTahiti


I don't see any reason to consolidate the existing schools. I have never heard an argument about how it improves the level of education. I am not aware of any discussion of that nature. Large schools do not equal a better education in all cases.

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