Jan 23 2016
05:27 pm

The "Other Voices" block over on the right is a never ending roller coaster of fascinating things happening in the science world. Venus flytraps can count and students do better in classrooms with windows that look out on trees and grass and shrubberies. Why do zebras have stripes?

Go learn something.

Science links


When you first added the science links, I thought they weren't necessary as so much science news is available elsewhere.

However, I quickly got used to reading the interesting articles and would miss the Other Voices section a lot if it weren't there.

Thank you so much for providing this handy resource!

-- OneTahiti

I agree with OneT

As usual :-)


Hi, RB :)

Happy 2016!

-- OneTahiti

Right back atcha, OneT

Let's try to have a good 'un!


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