Dec 30 2015
08:52 am

It's confusing because the name associated with the site is the Clinch River Corporation or CRC site, but it is actually located on the bank of the Emory River. If it is cleaned up it will make a wonderful addition to Harriman's waterfront park.

There are two alternatives proposed, one of which is to do nothing. As the study states, the site would be safe for adult and adolescent recreators left as is as long as activities were kept to certain restrictions.

Alternative 2 is to perform a number of remediation actions that look reasonable to me at first read. I reserve the right to change my mind as I digest the information.

What I don't see is an evaluation of risk for infants, who most certainly will be present and crawling around on any public park space.

Scott Miller at the EPA has been very prompt and cooperative with us and provided the digital documents attached for your perusal. What do you see?

Clinch EE_CA Text.pdf1.19 MB
Clinch River EECA fact sheet 2016 2.odt53.57 KB
Clinch River EECA fact sheet 2016 copy.pdf83.32 KB

Public Meeting Info

EPA will host a public meeting on Thursday, January 14, 2016, 6:00pm at the Harriman City Hall located at 609 N. Roane Street in Harriman. Representatives from EPA will present the details of the EE/CA and answer any questions the public may have regarding the Site.

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