The TNGOP has been scouring the state for crazier and crazier people to run for office. TN Republicans have gotten the message that they will be replaced by an even more "conservative" candidate if they don't toe the line and spout the official line of manure that arrives in their morning email.

Take the case of Sulpher Springs Rep Micah Van Huss. Micah wants to eliminate the Office of Diversity at UT and give the money to police departments to pay for painting "In God We Trust" on their vehicles. Since that office is funded by student fees, there is some question as to whether Micah has a clue how budgets and funding actually work. He certainly doesn;t understand how a major university like the University of Tennessee works. This is to be expected since Van Huss used his GI Bill money to attend Pensacola Christian College. It has been labelled a diploma mill, a cult, promoting rampant gender discrimination, and forcing pregnancy tests on female students.

Van Huss is all upset because of a memo that went out for faculty and students to be inclusive in their seasonal celebrations, particularly since promoting one religion over another with tax payer money is a huge constitutional no-no in the United States of America.

That gem of a story and more from Crockett.

Rep Van Huss's school gets stranger and stranger

Men and women use segregated stair cases. The school is just down the street from Dinosaur Adventure Land...Since this Rep.'s office is right down the street from the Gray Fossil Site, no wonder they have had such a difficult time keeping any funding.


In agreement with you

No issue on campus should go beyond the Board of Trustees. Legislators should keep their noses out of it.


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