Nov 30 2015
09:36 am

I have completely switched to LED's as my replacement bulb. I don't really love the old incandescent lighting but for those who do there is now an LED that looks even better than the incandescent while using only 7 watts to replace 60 watts. $8 for 15,000 hours life expectancy, a pretty danged long time actually!



Great idea!

Great idea!

I have purchased a number of

I have purchased a number of LED bulbs from this company and have has excellent results. They are the source for my stage lighting for the Ladd Landing music series. I have just switched our out door lighting at the house to LED's with excellent results. We now have better and brighter night time lighting for those long winter nights when we come home late and the total wattage if every single light is left on is still less than 100 watts.

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