Nov 29 2015
07:37 pm

Of course that's as it should be, right?

TVA CEO Bill Johnson was paid a compensation package in fiscal 2015 worth more than $6.4 million, making him again the highest paid federal government employee in America. Four other top TVA executives were each paid more than $2 million in the fiscal year ended Sept. 30.


TFP Opinion on this...

' The TVA board pays top execs anywhere from five to 16 times more than what the president of the United States is paid, and fully funds the execs' pension plan, all in order to "compete with" (act like) private industry.

' But, absent private industry's ERISA pension funding requirement, TVA's executives and board are more than happy to act like a government utility.

Doesn't anyone other than low level retirees and taxpayers (and future ratepayers for that matter) see some conflicts here?


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