Nov 27 2015
09:02 am

After running through all the quick fixes for a lawnmower that ran fine two weeks ago and now won't fire up at all, I went about dismantling things to get to the switches and wiring. Removing the steering wheel and the cover for the electronics this is what I found:

The cause of the problem...


The problem


I think a town run for clip connectors and wire is in my near future.

Looks like some little

Looks like some little beastie had a lot of our garden produce stored for the winter. The dried mushrooms are a nice gourmet touch.

The lawn mower is back in action, just so you know.

Aesop's Fable

I don’t think Aesop anticipated this outcome when he wrote his fable the “Ants and the Grasshopper.” I find that I have sympathy for both you and the critter. Fortunately, I don’t have to decide between the two of you. You fixed it, but what about the industrious critter? What's the moral of the story? it is what it is?

I thought the moral of the story was...

Where are the snakes when you really need them?

That would take care of it…

Another link in the food web…Mother Nature’s way.

I still admire the critter for his work. Could his stash be relocated? …like men relocate an osprey’s nest when construction necessitates a change in habitat.

You never know where compassion will lead.

I personally provide several

I personally provide several square miles of habitat for wildlife and have dedicated a goodly portion of my material existence to the natural world. I draw the line at the inner sanctum of my mechanical devices and the ceiling over my bed.


I moved the "stash" to another less destructive spot and put repellent in the lawn mower housing. We'll see how that works.

Thank you!

This seems too good to be true!

Come out and see the place sometime. It's true and good!

Appreciate your kind invitation

I'll put it on my bucket list!

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