Most important County Issue:

County wide waste-water sewage system. Successful county growth will depend on a functional waste-water system. We are headed for big problems with the present lack of a plan.


The State planners are calling for "on site" waste treatment for the future, just so you'll know. (I was surprised, too)

They don't want a centralized waste processing center because the failures are much more impact to the environment.

They tell me that the municipalities themselves are the worst offenders as far as wastewater pollution and, after thinking about it, I believe them. We have a fine example of an intractable municipal waste disharge right here in West Roane County that is repeatedly in violation of discharge regulations. I'm not going to mention any names(rockwood), but they know who they are.

Truth be told, Jason...

The able-bodied prisoners that can do outside work are busy these days. You see, for them it's not a matter of waiting for a new jail. They're helping BUILD the thing with their own labor. As of now, the total savings have already surpassed the $200,000.00 mark and it's rising. So they're engaged in a priority mission right now. Based on what the sheriff has had them do in the past (current Sheriff, not previous one), they have been and will be again on the roads cleaning things up.


Now you've got my interest, RB

How about getting some numbers together for us on that, would you?

So if we've saved $200,000 so far, that means that the cost of the jail project can be reduced by $200,000 right?

It may well amount to that...

The jail will cost what it will cost. There's not a whole lot that can be done to change that. Have you asked your commissioner? Check with say, Mike Hooks. From what I understand, there have been some cost over-runs, and those have about been consumed by this savings. Once they are consumed, then there is opportunity for further savings.


Shocjed...Shocked, I tell you!

there have been some cost over-runs, and those have about been consumed by this savings

Lordy, WC...

I have taken a liking to your humor. I'm gonna have to work on putting forth some of mine...


Now you've hit on a sore spot...

I think littering is the most unticketed vehicular indiscretion in the county.

I have seen prisoner work crews though. Not sure how much they get out though.

anybody know?


Littering is one of my sore spots, too, although I am not saying it should be the County's only focus.

I was following a woman the other day that chain-smoked three cigarettes, throwing each butt out. It made me try to remember the details of an anti-litter program advertised a year or two ago.

The program allowed a person to report littering by another driver, using the license plate number. Law enforcement would then send the offender a letter stating that the litterer had been spotted littering, and, if a person got multiple reports, they could be charged.

I don't remember if this was a statewide or only Knox County program.

If anyone knows, I believe I still have the info and can report how it works.

Litter Hotline and then some!


The campaign was State wide. It is actually still going on. 1-877-8 Litter or (link...). We can pick it up, use inmates to pick it up, have the cub scouts to pick it up - bottome line is until we change the minds and attitudes of the people, we will have to continue to pick it up. Keep Roane Beautiful is trying to use an educational demonstration in the elementary schools to change the attitude towards litter of the future generation. We are trying to get involved with the High Schools as well. Bottom line is we need you guys to help us. We meet on the third Thursday of every month in our office in the Farnham Building in downtown Harriman. The meeting starts at 6:30 and is open to the public. Without the citizens of our community voicing their thoughts and needs, we can not serve the community. We have to have you to "Keep Roane Beautiful."

Is your passion the water access areas? We need you to help us monitor the needs of these areas. Does it need to be picked up? Can we get a group to adopt it?

Is education your bag? Want to help with demonstration to the school children?

Are you great at writing grant proposals? HELP!

Are you good at news and media contacts? We have a great chair person for this, but she needs a crew to work with her.

As you can see, we have more irons in the fire than litter pick up and we need you guys!

KRB Office 865-882-0030

Split personality

Because I am opinionated and very vocal, I felt it was wiser to allow KRB to be it's own personality. So as KRB Coordinator, I will post as KRB. This way, you will be less likely to connect my out of the box opinions to the wonderful organization I work for. So if wylamena says it, KRB is not necessarily agreeing. Yes I can split like that. I am female!

Wendy Jackson
Keep Roane Beautiful


I like that post. It sounds like KRB is getting a "two for one" deal.

Tell Wylamena I enjoyed her school comments and look forward to more.

I reported a litterer on the

I reported a litterer on the TDEC litter reporting site. TDEC responds with the following message:

"Your report has been submitted.

Thank you for helping us Stop Litter! Tennessee's Had Enough."

It would be nice if they would provide the reporting person with a copy of the letter they send to the litter (perhaps redacted), but it is good that they have this program at all, so I will not complain.

I am going to use this from now on, it makes you feel better to report.

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