Nov 12 2015
08:44 am

I had the good fortune of meeting Jeronimo Silva while he was doing field work in Roane County's Whites Creek, which is also our yard. Most people misunderstand the meaning of "endangered species" and don't realize that they are the "canaries in the mine" for the places we live. If our world becomes uninhabitable for these rare species, one after the other, that means that it will eventually become uninhabitable for US! I'm proud to be involved with protecting Tennessee's streams, not just for rare species, but for all of us humans, too!

Here is the fundraiser site
for Jeronimo Silva's very worthy project.

Beautiful video!

There is another excellent video on Hellbenders posted on Bill Hopkins website at Virginia Tech.


Bill did research on tree swallows and turtles at our coal ash spill site. We were really lucky to have him here!

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