Nov 4 2015
07:16 am

It will be interesting to read the comments on this one...

Court filings show the 19 attorneys who worked on the case clocked 5,974 hours. Given their average hourly rate of $390 per hour, they say their fees and costs exceed $2.3 million. They also want repayment of $65,555 of expenses.

“We worked for two years on this case and we were successful,” said Abby Rubenfeld, a Nashville attorney who led the case. “All the attorneys for the state of Tennessee got paid while they worked on it, so we should be paid, too.”


I agree they should get paid

I agree they should get paid - at the same hourly rate the state attorneys got paid.

The state attorneys were arguing against their own majority

I'm thinking $390 per hour may seem high but it is for the fully burdened cost of an attorney's time. It includes all the business expenses including rent legal aides etc. A rough calc on my scratch pad puts the state attorney at ~ $200 per hour with burden. If you adjust for the work load of a state employee versus someone in the private sector things aren't as out of balance as it appears at first. Then figure that nearly everyone knew the state would lose so it is the state's own fault that the plaintiff attorneys had such a large amount of billable time in the first place. We the taxpayers will be paying for what is essentially a political grandstand for a wrong cause.

I wonder what the hourly rate is for a regular attorney is for arguing appeals at the SCOTUS level?

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Lost Medicaid Funding

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