Oct 21 2015
08:41 am

Okay, let's repeat the important point in here: We, as a state, need the best credit rating we can get. In order to show that we we deserve a good credit rating, we have to show that we can cover our obligations and repay any debts we might have. And here's the jam Haslam rightly identifies us as being in—our Medicaid and education costs keep going up but our politicians will not raise taxes to cover those costs (or for any reason). So, in order to show that we can cover our obligations, Haslam has to be able to show them ways we have of coming up with the money. When you can't raise taxes, you have to cut sh##t.

We can argue—and I think fairly—that we've not seen any proof that outsourcing things to Haslam's friends actually cuts costs, but this is the thing that Haslam isn't quite ready to be honest about. Even financial disasters are okay if they benefit the right people. If the Tea Party Republicans run the State into the ground with their refusal to raise taxes, all an Oligarch Republican can do for us is to make sure that it's apparent that his Oligarch friends will benefit from our ruin.
Haslam has a lot of rich and powerful friends

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