Oct 14 2015
12:52 pm

Jeff Black has written songs for Waylon Jennings, Allison Kraus, Dierks Bently, Sam Bush, Jerry Douglas, and a bunch more. Here's a live version of one you've heard but may not have known he wrote.

If you've been wondering about good music in Roane County this would be a great time to come out and see what our listening room is all about. Jeff Black is one of the great songwriters in America today.

I wish that I could be a pirate
And sail the ocean blue
Way before the big liners
Started sailing there too
I'd bury most of my treasure
So I wouldn't leave a big hole
And the only real sense of pleasure I'd get
Is that I would sail free in my soul

The full lyrics are here

Directions and more info

You can email me if you need to ask something. The afternoon of the show: 865-603-6981


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