Sep 17 2015
08:42 am

I just made an appointment for a hearing before the Bord of Equalization regarding a condo in Ladd Landing. I've been here before, for the exact same reason.

(Call 376-4362 ASAP if you wish to appeal your appraisal)

We received our appraisal card for the condo and it was for the amount that was approved by the state in our appeal after the BOE refused to accept our position last time. They put us througfh the expense and time involved, first with going before them, and second going before the state appeals board, where the BOE was over ruled and we were granted a fair and reasonable valuation.

Then, weeks after the original card was sent out, we received another card last Friday, Sept. 11, that revised the valuation upward to a ridiculous number. I was told that the state did not account for land values in appraising our condo. This is exactly what they did last time. Land values are included in a condo's market price. Don't believe me? Try selling your land and keeping your condo. We won this on appeal.

Now, even though revised appraisal cards just went out, they are saying they will not remain in session after Sept 25, even if they have no hearing slots available t everybody who wants one. I am very uneasy with the practices of this Board.

From Darrell Meadows:

Here is what I've learned. The appointments are pretty much filled through the 9/25 session but if there are those that need appointments but can't get them, they need to call BEFORE 9/25 to be placed on a list, then the Executive and Commission will open up another block of time.

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